The AfterAll Stories

"Responsible breeders never turn their backs on the dogs they have bred. Ensuring each puppy's quality of life is their main concern, from the moment they decide to breed to the day the puppy dies - ideally of old age, after a long, happy, fulfilling life."  From the American Kennel Club website.

The AfterAll Stories! 

Here at AfterAll, we find that the dogs lead us to many great friendships. I have wanted for some time to create some new pages featuring the wonderful families who have adopted our dogs. Some flew from across the country to pick up a puppy. Others opened their homes and hearts to our retired show dogs. Every one of them has a story and I'd like to share them with you. As they send them to me, I'll add to the pages. For those of you who might be considering an AfterAll Wire, their stories will tell you what to expect.

Start here with the Schmude's story of Phoenix and Bing! all about Puppy Dex and Vince Perrella!

Promise was our first Wire...the one I thought I could never give up.
But then Barb and Bob came along and I knew that they could give
my girl the very best home she could ever want. Read Promise's Story.

Mia and Emily's Story

Mia and Emily are litter sisters...the girls that successfully get along even though it is very unusual to have two female Wires together! They are also sisters to Chance and to Scout.  Here is Mia and Emily's story.

The AfterAll Friends Email List

If you have one of our AfterAll Wires or are an invited friend, you may subscribe to our Yahoo list. This is a place to share stories about your Wire, ask questions and talk about anything from health care to favorite toys or grooming. You can make a photo album of pictures on our Yahoo page but the best thing is that you can connect with others who love Wires as much as you do!