Promise's Story

Ch. Santeric's Campaign Promise 

After the passing of our second Wire, Daisy(11 1/2) I quickly began a search for another Wire.  We had loved them and lived with them in our home for a total of 26 1/2 years and were devastated by her loss.  She was from a backyard breeder and had many health issues and our first Wire (15) was found through the newspaper.  He and his littermates had run loose in a family basement with no socialization or training of any kind.  Were we ever naive!  Anyway, third time is a charm and we decided to do it right, to research and find a good reputable breeder. 

This is what happened.  From time to time, husband Bob had seen and talked with two couples (Vollers and Hynes) walking in Geneva with their beautiful Wires.  (They turned out to be Promise's daughters!)  After we lost Daisy, we were able to track them down through our local dog boutique, Jessie and Chopper's, which was a store they often frequented.  From them, we obtained Diane's e-mail and website and were able to contact her.  A passing of e-mails began (I still have every one as I want to always remember how the story unfolded). She also put me in touch with the other two Wire owner families in this area to call and ask questions about their dogs.   It didn't take long to realize what a fantastic person and breeder she was.  She invited us to visit her kennels after the holidays.  Total caring for the dogs and what was best for THEM was apparent in every direction.  Her kennels were pristine and the dogs all received much individual attention.  She told us that she did not have puppies at the time but would put us on a waiting list for later in the year.   She said she might be able to help us if we wanted an adult dog and didn't want to wait.  That dog she had in mind was her first Wire, Promise, then 5 years of age.  Promise had finished her Championship, had had two beautiful litters, and was ready to be owned by a family and have her OWN yard and her OWN home and just be the QUEEN!  When we saw her sitting there, she turned around and it was love at first sight.  She drove home with us that day.  She came to stay with us for a trial period of two weeks, and after that time, Diane was sure she could let Promise go, that she would be happy with us and we were sure she was in our hearts forever.  It was a match made in heaven.  With Promise, Bob and I have a beautiful well-mannered "lady" of a Wire to share our lives with and MANY new and dear friends and Wires that I walk with.
We have been impressed with Diane's professionalism, her love and passion and total caring for this awesome breed called Wire Fox Terriers.  Not only is she a wonderful breeder, she is a friend, and will always be there to teach , share ideas and listen.
Barbara and Bob Arbizzani
Geneva, Illinois