Dexter's Story
By Vince Perralla

AterAll That's My Boy ("Dex")

Having two dogs is like getting two kisses. Twice the pleasure.

I've had two wires, a male and a female, for over twenty five years now, Not the same two of course.) In that time, I've always found fascinating how much their personalities differ yet interact at the same time. The girls I've had have always ruled the house, me included.
They make you work for their affection but, once earned, it's yours forever.

The boys are always ready with affection and kisses and, though bigger than the females, always bow to their distaff house partners. My last boy, Matthew, whom I lost in June, would wait patiently for Jinx, my girl, to leave some food in her bowl for him to finish. Yet, he would never think of stealing it or rushing her. He knew when she had her fill and only then would he approach her bowl.

Sweet Jinx and Baby Dex

Though never 'lovey dovey' with each other, Matt and Jinx never fought, unless it was over me. And I always took consolation in the fact that when I was not at home, especially during a sudden thunderstorm, Matt was there for Jinx, and she was not alone. (All my female wires were terrified of thunder while all my boys could not have cared less.)

I also found that with two dogs, you don't divide your love between them, you multiple it. When I lost my precious Matthew in June of 2007 after 12 years, I was devastated. So was Jinx. After about a month of grieving, I decided to make some inquiries about getting a new male puppy. Through the AKC, I contacted Winifred Stout, who e-mailed me the names of some breeders in the Northeast ( as I live in New York State.) One of those names was Ray (Chip) Lowe,of HiWire Kennels, a well-known breeder in Central New York. Chip contacted me to tell me that he was co-owner of a litter with Diane Ryan of AFTERALL Wires, that was being born that night.(July 9th). Needless to say, I was thrilled.

Diane contacted me the next day to tell me of her new litter with two male puppies and two female puppies. She had given the two boys the names of Luke and Liam, and every week she would post pictures of the pups growing up; sleeping, nursing, playing and just becoming true 'wires." I also explored her site and was so impressed with the physical and emotional aspects of AfterAll Wires. The whelping box was immaculate, the kennel looked spotless, the puppies were fat and clean and looked doted on. And the pictures of other puppies she had placed with other owners made your heart melt. All these dogs looked beautiful and happy as did their owners. I only hoped that I could get one of these boys and become part of the AfterAll family.

So, every week, on Sunday night, I'd check the site to see how the pups were doing. I fell in love with these two guys (especially the largest and first born "Luke") to the point that I turned down two other breeders who offered me male pups, and I put all my hopes with AfterAll. Sure enough, I got my wish.

Diane says goodbye to her puppy
knowing he is going to have a wonderful life!

When I got my Luke who I renamed 'Dexter' last month from Diane, he immediately filled a hole in my heart left by Matthew's passing. Jinx knew from the start that he was a baby and he required patience and training, and she allowed him to steal her cookies, bite her fur, grab on to her legs or bite her collar, etc. Though she never had babies of her own, her maternal instinct took over and she let him get away with all the attention and with all his antics.

A puppy's work is never done!

Worn out from all those chores!

I was careful though, to allow frequent "private times" with her and me alone where I could reinforce her feelings of love and security within the house. Special moments when ONLY she and I were in the same room, where we could enjoy private cuddles and kisses. And "private times" with young Dexter as well.

Dex surveys his domain and then gets some "one on one" time!!

If you have the time and the room for two wires, especially a boy and a girl, DO IT! You'll never regret it.

Jinx and Dex take a nap together.

Vince Perrella