Diane Ryan of 11533 Old River Road,  Rockton, IL 61072 herein will be addressed as “Seller” in consideration of ________ Dollars:



Phone:________________________________  Email: ________________________      

Hereon known as “Buyer”, (the receipt of which is acknowledged), hereby sells, grants the transfer to Buyer one (1) pet quality Wire Fox Terrier  known as ___________________________

Dog’s Registered Name __________________________________________________

AKC #____________________________ 

SELLER agrees that

They have the right to sell this dog and they will warrant and defend the same against the lawful claims and demands of any person;

This dog is in good health and free from any detectable congenital defects as of the date of this contract.

A four-generation pedigree of this dog has been provided. The Buyer will be provided with the the dog's A.K.C. Limited Registration application or form which will state that no planned or accidental offspring of this dog can be registered.

This dog has been examined by a veterinarian, has dew claws removed and has received inoculations appropriate for its age. The puppy has been wormed and all health records have been provided. If this puppy is not already micro-chipped at the time of sale, the buyer is strongly encouraged to have it micro-chipped for identification purposes.

If within 14 days of this date of sale, the Buyer is unhappy with this dog for any reason, the Seller will take it back and refund the original purchase price (less vet exam) after examination by the Seller's veterinarian, showing that the puppy is in good health. If the puppy is returned within the first six months for any reason, other than genetic health defects, a refund of one half the purchase price will be made after exam by the Seller's veterinarian showing the puppy is in good health. The balance to be retained by the Seller for vet, advertising and other expenses. Seller agrees to take the dog back thereafter at any time for placement to another home, but no refund will be made.

If the dog is determined to have a genetic health issue that is verified by our veterinarian, the buyer has the option of having the dog replaced or if he chooses to keep the dog, a refund of up to one half the purchase price to be used solely for veterinary costs in treating the genetic health issue.

BUYER agrees that

They are purchasing this dog for themselves and not for re-sale.  Neither are they acting as agents for any pet shop or commercial breeding kennel.

They understand that this dog is not being sold as a “show” puppy but is an excellent representative of its breed and is structurally and temperamentally suited as a companion and/or performance dog.  Under no circumstances is this dog to be bred and Buyer will  neuter the dog before  it is one year old. Buyer will provide seller with veterinarian's documentation that the spay or neuter has been done within two weeks of the procedure. Buyer understands that this puppy is being purchased with a Limited Registration as defined by the American Kennel Club.

This dog is to be kept as a house pet only, never to live in a garage or kennel, or be tied or tethered, or left outside unattended for extended periods of time.  Buyer agrees to NEVER place this dog into an animal shelter, humane society or a puppy mill. It will be confined from traffic and given regular veterinary care, which includes all immunizations. This dog is to be kept only in the Buyer’s living quarters as a beloved family pet with proper food, exercise, medical care and human companionship. Should the Buyer or any household member be charged with animal cruelty/abuse, this puppy's ownership will revert back to the Seller with no refund of purchase price.

This dog may never be sold or given away or transferred in any manner other than back to the Seller.  Any other transfer of this dog without the Seller’s written permission shall make the Buyer liable for $5,000.00 in punitive damages.

Buyer agrees to maintain contact with the seller in regard the welfare and location of the dog and to provide their current address and phone number throughout the lifetime of the dog.

If the Buyer should breach any condition of this contract, or should the Buyer be unwilling or unable to keep this dog, the Seller will repossess this dog and its A.K.C. registration papers will be signed over to the Seller as the Sole owner of the dog.


Agreed to and executed this date, ___________



________________________________________ , Buyer


_________________________________________, Seller , Diane Ryan